????Your Own Biz Selling Used Appliances, or Parts on Ebay!????$0 to START best prices $$1 and deals

????Your Own Biz Selling Used Appliances, or Parts on Ebay!????$0 to START

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STOP BUYING USED APPLIANCES TO RESELL! PARTNER WITH FFAR and GET THEM FREE! THIS IS A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FOR THOSE THAT BUY AND RESELL USED APPLIANCES.....OR WISH TO..... IN THE SAN DIEGO AREA. WE OFFER A 100% FREE TRIAL IF YOU ARE QUALIFIED The San Diego area is currently getting around 150-200 callers wanting free appliance pick up services each month. Most of our skilled subcontractors that repair and sell used appliances generate roughly $15K - $20K monthly selling this volume of pick ups. Bulk wholesalers that sell in volume to local used appliance stores pull about half of that. Parts sellers on Ebay can build up a massive steady stream of inventory and generate even more money, once they are a well establish seller! This opportunity is perfect for... * Appliance Techs that are tired of running service calls, working for The Man, or those trying to find qualified technicians to help you grow your service business * Used Appliance Store Owners tired of not having stock, or buying from wholesalers, or junk men * Guys flipping appliances from their garages that are tired of spending 20+ hrs each week looking for deals online * Business Minded People looking for a great opportunity *Motivated People Wishing To Work From Home and make their own schedule * Techs tired of the 2 trip stops, waiting on parts and those that lack the training and constant update info to properly diagnose the new "smart" {CRAP} appliances * Hard Working People not making the income they feel they have the potential to, but just never came up with a way to do it IF you have the WILL, partnering with us just may be the AWAY! We NEED ONLY ONE PARTNER in your area. If you are highly motivated, possess common sense, can provide excellent customer service, follow a few simple directions, and can handle the duties to run your own business , we would love to discuss a partnership opportunity with you! WORKING THIS PROGRAM PROPERLY WILL INCREASE YOUR ANNUAL REVENUE DRAMATICALLY WITHIN THE VERY FIRST MONTH? Over half of our partners pull in over $10K a month Check out the photos of free pick ups from our members only private Facebook group and READ ON.... Partnering with the Fast Free Appliance Removal team puts you in the largest group of local subcontractors recycling appliances in the U.S. We currently have opportunity for a partnership to subcontract our free appliance pick up service in your area Designed much like a franchise, you basically get a highly lucrative business handed over to you....without the layout of a huge amount of start up capital! Unlike starting a business from scratch, partnering up with us will basically have you picking up unwanted appliances in your local area from Day 1! We forward the recorded tracking number to your phone, give you a few simple instructions and you are off and running! We take care of all the advertising to get you calls. You simply answer the phone, book pick up times and go pick up free appliances from local residents getting new ones, upgrading, or having a broken unit that they want removed. You also take care of selling them. We only advertise that you to pick up working and refurbishable washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators and freezers only. If getting the whole kitchen, or house full, if they offer, we suggest you go ahead and take the dishwasher and microwave too, if disconnected. Because we get you found on Google searches, you do not get junk calls from Craigslist people wanting you to haul away their beat up scrap for free! We do not promote you as a junk man and around 50 percent of pick ups are working fine. They just need to be tested and cleaned up to be resold. So, if you are DRIVEN, possess great CUSTOMER SERVICE skills, are equipped to work , ready to answer calls and go pick up unwanted appliances from local callers, you should jump on this opportunity to partner with the FFAR team. There is NO CONTRACT! If you find you can not handle the volume, we can either split your area where we switch calls to you and another guy every other week, or we just simply get someone else if you find it too overwhelming. As you can see from our pick up numbers, this IS NOT a weekend type gig! Also, our years of studies show that you must live close to, or in the main city and pick up at least every other day, if not daily for best results. ********BEFORE YOU RESPOND******* Our job is to make your phone ring. Your job is answering calls properly, picking up appliances promptly, diagnosing issues, repairing, cleaning, and selling. You can also sell broken units to local appliance stores at wholesale bulk prices. They will fight over them! If you have no biz savvy, customer service, phone skills, or a list of excuses longer than a receipt from CVS.... THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!!! If you are ready NOW and can handle the volume, fill out our form on the JOIN OUR TEAM page on our website, FastFreeApplianceRemoval dot com, or call Dee at 888-887-3547 (888-887-FLIP) and let's see if you qualify to JOIN OUR TEAM!